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single point mooring systems and fluid swivels


Our Mission

Brent crude prices from 1986 - 2016, with projection to 2021.
Source: "Crop Market Outlook", Iowa State University, Dept. of Economics, 11-March-2016

We do not see the 2015 oil price collapse as transient. We therefore expect the present sharp focus of CALM buoy and FPSO system operators on cost efficiency to remain for the foreseeable future. Our team has the dedication and depth of industry experience to guide your team to the sweet spot between optimum cost efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance. We can achieve this through expert consultation in the following areas:

System Acquisition:

  • Initial assessment of operational requirements, and conditions at proposed site, for preparation of the bid or FEED study RFQ.
  • Bid evaluation and pre-contract negotiation.
  • Inspection and milestone acceptance test witnessing at fabrication yard.

Installation and Commissioning:

  • Review of Installation Contractor bids and procedures.
  • Technical negotiation with desired Installation Contractor to improve cost efficiency and lower bid.
  • Client representation at the offshore site during installation and commissioning.

Life Cycle Service:

  • Operational troubleshooting.
  • Operation and Maintenance training.
  • Procurement of consumable spares, including all fluid swivel, mooring system and product transfer hose system components.
  • System upgrades.
  • At-site or shipyard overhaul supervision, including main bearing, wheel & rail, and MPDU/CPU (fluid swivel) refurbishment.
  • Coordination and supervision for classification society certification renewal inspections.

Decommissioning and Site Clearance:

  • Consultation for clean and release preparation, and set-up for towing.
  • Consultation for PLEM removal or elimination of snagging hazards.

Cumulatively, our core group has over 120 years of successful experience in the following areas:

  1. Naval Architecture, with emphasis on mooring systems design and analysis.
  2. Offshore installation, operation and maintenance of CALM buoy and FPSO systems.
  3. Fabrication yard construction management of CALM buoy and FPSO systems.
  4. Supervision of CALM and FPSO fluid swivel overhauls.
  5. Project management of CALM and FPSO projects.
  6. CALM and FPSO parts sales and procurement.