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Offshore Site Service

Preparing to Install Sub-Sea Hoses
Commissioning Assistance
Overboarding a PLEM
Installing Sub-Sea Hoses
Inspection Services
On-site Interventions
Tanker Berthed on CALM Buoy
Checking a CALM Buoy Main Bearing
Pulling in a Deep Water CALM Riser
MPDU Top Seals Replacement
Diving Inspection of Chain Stoppers

Options are encountered at many stages during the site installation of CALM Buoy and FSO/FPSO turret systems. Operational and maintenance problems also cover a wide range. Our senior Site Engineer's 40 years of combined underwater and topside installation and troubleshooting experience on these systems can be in your corner to insure making the safest and most cost efficient choices. He is backed by two other Site Engineers, of 30 years combined experience. Our team has already met, and solved, most of the problems that can be encountered by CALM buoy systems.

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